Early/Late Dining

Each guest is assigned a specific dining and Showroom at Sea show time when they first booked their cabin. In order for everyone to enjoy the Showroom at Sea performances, you must adhere to your designated dining and show time. Before we set sail, you will receive your Showroom at Sea Seating Card which will be required for entry to your specific show time.

If you have selected the late show/early dining, you will be dining at 6:00 PM and will attend the 9:00 PM Showroom at Sea show. Your identification card will be orange and only guests with an ORANGE card may attend the late show.

If you have selected the early show/late dining, you will attend the 6:30 PM Showroom at Sea show and the 8:30 PM dining. Your identification card will be blue and only guests with a BLUE card may attend the early show.

Doors will open 30 minutes before published show times to all guests.  With the implementation of assigned seating, there is no need to arrive early.