Did You Miss Out On The Country Music Cruise 2018? Here’s What To Do Next

Don’t despair. Although we sold out faster than ever on our cruise next February, we hate to disappoint the many avid music fans looking to share their love of great music and a great time with others who have similar likes and interests. Only StarVista LIVE can produce these truly immersive experiences where you’re surrounded by the legendary artists, like-minded fans and onboard vibe celebrating the country music lifestyle we love all while on a luxury cruise line.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Get on the waitlist and be among the first to hear about any cabins that open up. There’s always the chance that there may be an unexpected cancellation or previously reserved inventory has freed up for booking;
  • Stay tuned to your email as that’s where we’ll announce the next season’s pre-sale opportunity. You’ll be among the first to book with an exclusive 24-hour reservation window;
  • Also, via email and our Facebook page, we have something exciting to reveal this Winter. Joining many others in our robust portfolio, we’ll be adding a spectacular new experience to our lineup, so stay tuned!

We thank you for your interest and can’t wait to have you join us on one of our unique StarVista LIVE experiences!