Hotel Transfers

Do you plan to spend the night at our Pre-Cruise Hotel In Ft. Lauderdale before the cruise? We can provide your transportation and luggage service!

Hotel Transfers: For those Guests staying the night before the cruise in the Riverside Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, we provide luggage service and motor coach transportation on the day of the cruise from the hotel to the seaport at $14 per person. We will load your baggage onto the motor coach, and then, under your watchful eye, deliver it to the porters upon arrival at the port.

We do not provide transportation to or from the airport nor do we provide transportation back to the hotel the day we return from the cruise. Guests will be responsible for this transportation on their own.

To add Hotel Transfers to your existing reservation, simply log in to your StarVista LIVE account and add Hotel Transfers. Call our reservationists at (866) 476-2879 find out more information about our Hotel Transfers.

*Please note this service is only available to those guests staying in the Riverside Hotel prior to our embarkation.